Housing Needs Survey

Over the past few days, every household in Arlesey should have received a Housing Needs Survey which is an important part of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The survey is being administered by the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) and the Neighbourhood Plan team will only receive anonymous results of the survey so every respondent’s privacy will be respected.

We urge everyone in Arlesey to complete this survey, whether they envisage being in need of a new home in the village or not, as your views are important to get an accurate view of the residents views on housing need.

If you do not envisage needing a new home in Arlesey in the next 20 years, you need only complete Section 1 of the survey which runs to just three questions.

Section 2 is for those who are planning to move home within Arlesey in the next 20 years, including children or young adults who plan to move out of the family home. Additionally, we are also looking to receive responses from those who live outside of Arlesey and are looking to move into the area to be near friends or family. If you know anyone in that situation, feel free to pass details of the survey on to them.

Additional copies of the survey can be requested from Jemma McLean at BRCC on 01234 834932 on by email at jemmam@bedsrcc.org.uk.

The survey can also be completed online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Arlesey.