Public Exhibition Sparks Interest

The Neighbourhood Plan team put on a public exhibition at the Arlesey Scout Hall on Friday and Saturday, and it definitely sparked the interest of the Arlesey public as an estimated 200 people came to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and what it could mean for the village.


There was a lot of information on display including aerial photos of the village taken by Steve Maddox, editor of On The Button, and some of the original displays from the public consultation for the Arlesey Masterplan which is obviously a key factor the will shape the Neighbourhood Plan.

IMG_0787Everyone who attended was interested to find out what the Neighbourhood Plan was all about, and many spent some considerable time viewing the exhibits and chatting to the members of the plan’s Steering Committee who were on hand to answer questions.

Two of our CBC Ward Councillors, Richard Wenham and Ian Dalgarno, were also in attendance at different times on Friday offering their support to the project.

A first analysis of results of the Initial Survey was also available, showing that traffic and parking issues were respondents’ key concerns, whereas the sense of community and the rural location were the things that people most like about Arlesey.

IMG_0788Visitors had the opportunity to offer their views and ideas regarding planning the future of Arlesey. One exhibit showed photographs of different architechtural styles, street layouts, parking solutions, etc. and visitors were asked to indicate what they liked and disliked by means of coloured dots, and to add comments to further explain their feelings.

This proved very popular, and these responses will be analysed and added to the results of the Initial Survey to focus the research ahead of the Detailed Survey.

IMG_0784It was especially encouraging to the team that many residents were interested in getting more involved in the project, some with relevant skills that will be extremely useful over the coming months. A large number left their contact details to either be kept informed, or with an interest in taking a more active role going forward.

One of the next key activities will be the formation of some working groups to research further into specific topics to ensure that everyone impacted by the Neighbourhood Plan will be given the opportunity to give their views.

IMG_0785Despite the fantastic response from this event, we are still looking for more volunteers to help out with the project. You don’t need any specific relevant skills, although any you do have will be welcome, so if you are interested in getting involved and have some time, however short or irregular, we would love to hear from you.

The slide show from the event can be found here and you can also read the Frequently Asked Questions that were also on display.

To register your interest, or simply to find out more, please drop us an email on