A Vision for Arlesey

In consultation with the community, the established vision for Arlesey is as follows:

To develop a town with the heart of a village

In 2026, Arlesey will be a place where people aspire to live. The Arlesey Cross development will be fully integrated with the existing community and the identity of the parish as a whole will be strengthened.

There will be further opportunities to take part in community activities and a range of local jobs will be available for those not wishing to commute out. Those who have grown up in Arlesey will be able to afford to stay in the parish if they so wish; equally there will be opportunities for older members of the community to downsize while remaining in the area that they think of as home.

The attractive rural setting that Arlesey benefits from will have been safeguarded for future generations, along with the historic assets that have helped to form the community today. Sustainable transport modes will be emphasised with a focus on pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic flow will be managed to minimise its impact and congestion as a result of on-street car parking will be significantly reduced.

A range of excellent public services across education, healthcare, play and leisure will be available for all residents.

The principles underpinning the vision are:

Plan for the future
Address short term issues while maintaining a long term view

Build on our community spirit
Maximise engagement, minimise estrangement

Showcase Arlesey
Develop a place where people aspire to live

Leave a legacy
Plan for the future generations

The priorities are as follows:

Address traffic issues
Protect the countryside and our rural environment
Protect our heritage
Retain and enhance key services
Build an infrastructure to promote community activities
Strengthen the local economy