To help deliver the vision, the following objectives have been agreed and couched under six themes:

Residential Development

Aims: Arlesey is a place where people aspire to live with new housing meeting the needs of the parish and designed to be in keeping with existing styles and materials.

Objective 1: The design of new housing should be in keeping with, and improve upon, good design in the parish, incorporating design features and styles from existing build.
Objective 2: The layout of new developments should allow for sufficient off-street parking in sight of properties, and should encourage the development of communities within communities by providing squares with safe play areas for children.
Objective 3: New development should meet the needs of the community as a whole with affordable housing dispersed throughout the development rather than clustered together.

Transport and Movement

Aims: Arlesey is accessible and safe for walking and cycling, has good public transport and a safe and efficiently functioning road network. Traffic volumes, on-street car parking and congestion are minimised.

Objective 4: New development should help meet these aims by providing cycling and walking connectivity throughout the parish.
Objective 5: The current deficiency in car parking for residents and commuters should be alleviated by providing more than the minimum provision for development which borders the existing settlement boundary.
Objective 6: The road network should be enhanced to accommodate additional local traffic generated by new development, to encourage the movement of two-way traffic and to improve pedestrian and cycling safety.
Objective 7: Bus services should be improved to enable journeys, particularly within the parish, to be taken by modes other than car, and to be better synchronised with rail services.


Aims: Arlesey retains its rural village feel, safeguarding the existing parks and green spaces that are valued by the community and adding to these to increase access to the countryside.

Objective 8: Existing green and open spaces should be retained and new ones provided to benefit the growing community.
Objective 9: Any new development should ensure that there is no increase in the risk of local flooding, and that sewerage treatment facilities have sufficient capacity to cope with the increase in population.
Objective 10: New development should make provision for green streets and local habitats through the provision of grass areas, hedgerows, trees and front gardens.
Objective 11: Use good design practices to reduce the environmental impact of new development with particular attention to energy sustainability and pollution control.

Local Heritage

Aims: The heritage of Arlesey will be conserved and celebrated to strengthen the history and identity of the parish.

Objective 12: To ensure that Arlesey remains a distinct settlement, separated physically and visually from neighbouring communities.
Objective 13: The historic built environment should be protected for future generations and heritage features utilised in new build.

Community Infrastructure

Aims: The growing parish will benefit from a range of leisure and social facilities for all ages, making best use of the area’s qualities and the spirit of the community.
Objective 14: To maximise leisure opportunities for all sectors of the community by preserving existing facilities and providing a range of new facilities to meet demand.
Objective 15: To deliver new and improved social facilities and amenities in appropriate locations to meet the needs of the community.

Business and Employment

Aims: New and existing businesses are supported along with opportunities for local people to work in the parish, including home working.

Objective 16: Support the development of small scale enterprises and other businesses that meet the needs of the community.
Objective 17: Recognise key retail areas and set out criteria to support the positive development of these areas.