Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

I am delighted to report that the result of the Arlesey Neighbourhood Plan referendum held on 30th November 2017 was overwhelmingly positive as 89% of voters opted to support the Plan.

On a turnout of just over 18% of the electorate, the result means that the Plan will now be adopted by Central Bedfordshire Council and will be need to be considered by every planning application in the Arlesey parish going forward. The official declaration can be found here.

As Chairman of the Steering Committee, I would like to thank all the volunteers who spent countless hours on the project over the past three years, along with all those residents who provided their valuable input to the project by responding to surveys and attending the consultation events. Finally, of course, I would like to thank all those voters who backed the Plan in the referendum and made this whole exercise worthwhile.

Cllr Jon Want